D-2, r. 12 - Decree respecting the installation of petroleum equipment

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11.07. When an employee eligible to the insurance benefits carries out, outside the territorial jurisdiction of the Decree, work included in the industrial jurisdiction of the Decree or when he is absent with his employer’s authorization, he may, subject to the insurance contract, maintain for a maximum period of 6 months his membership in the fringe benefits plan, provided that:
(1)  he gives prior notice thereof to the Québec Parity Committee of pretroleum equipment installation;
(2)  solely or jointly with his employer, if the latter agrees, he pays, after having committed himself to do so, to the Québec Parity Committee of petroleum equipment installation, on or around the 15th of each month, a sum of $26.80, including the provincial sales tax, for the workweek defined in Division 3.00.
O.C. 769-92, s. 19; O.C. 1296-93, s. 3; O.C. 1152-99, s. 13.