D-2, r. 10 - Decree respecting the automotive services industry in the Montréal region

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9.02. Wages must be paid in cash in a sealed envelope or by cheque by Thursday at the latest. The payment may be made by bank transfer if so provided in a written agreement.
An employee is deemed not to have received payment of the wages due to him if the cheque delivered to him is not cashable within 2 working days following its receipt.
After agreement with his employees, an employer may pay them every 2 weeks.
The wages of an employee must be paid directly to him, at his place of employment and on a working day, except where the payment is made by bank transfer or is sent by mail. The wages of an employee may also, at his written request, be remitted to a third person.
If the usual day of payment of wages falls on a statutory general holiday, the wages are paid to the employee on the working day preceding that day.
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