D-12.1, r. 3 - Order respecting the use of the flag and coat of arms of Québec

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2. The reproduction of the symbols and emblems mentioned in section 1 is permitted only under the following conditions:
(a)  the souvenir, commemorative article, temporary decoration or advertising:
i.  must be in good taste;
ii.  must be exempt from all publicity other than the name of the establishment;
iii.  must be exempt from any insinuation leading one to believe that the establishment, its merchandise or its services has received the approval or authorization of the Government;
iv.  must not be used as a premium or sales incentive;
v.  must not, in the case of souvenirs or other commemorative articles, be sold, advertised or put on sale after 30 June 1968, and, in the case of temporary decorations or advertisements, must be removed and suspended on 30 June 1968 at the latest;
(b)  no request shall be made to register a drawing or mark consisting, directly or indirectly, of one of these symbols or emblems.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. D-13, r. 3, s. 2.