C-72.1, r. 1 - Rules respecting certification

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20. A person wishing to obtain a racing judges’ licence shall:
(1)  furnish with his application a certificate of visual acuity;
(2)  demonstrate to 2 examiners, in an interview, that he has a thorough knowledge of the Rules respecting Standardbred horse racing (chapter C-72.1, r. 3), these Rules and the Rules of procedure of the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (chapter R-6.1, r. 2) and that he has the capacity to apply those Rules to concrete situations at a race calendar held at a race track of any class;
(3)  (paragraph revoked);
(4)  hold either a collegiate diploma (DEC) or a secondary school certificate with work experience of 5 full years;
(5)  have the experience required in accordance with the class of licence applied for, as provided for in the Regulation respecting Standardbred horse racing (chapter C-72.1, r. 2).
Decision 84-10-01, s. 20; Decision 85-06-27, s. 1; Decision 2012-02-15, s. 7.