C-72.1, r. 1 - Rules respecting certification

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17. A racing licence to hold a race calendar with pari-mutuel betting at an amateur race track is issued if the person applying for it possesses:
(1)  a system registered by the board for selling, recording and compiling of pari-mutuel bets, if races with pari-mutuel betting are to be held;
(2)  a display board placed so that letters and figures appearing on it may be easily read from the grandstand;
(3)  a public address system installed so as to allow the public and the participants to be informed of the progress and the result of the race as well as any other information required by the Rules respecting Standardbred horse races held at an amateur race track (chapter C-72.1, r. 5);
(4)  a communications system planned so as to allow the racing judges to communicate with:
(a)  the paddock judge;
(b)  the starting judge;
(c)  the supervisor of the pari-mutuel system;
(d)  the official announcer;
(e)  such other person as the board may determine.
Decision 84-10-01, s. 17; Decision 2012-02-15, s. 6.