C-72.1, r. 1 - Rules respecting certification

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16. A racing licence to hold a race calendar at a professional race track is issued if the person applying for it possesses:
(1)  a device registered by the board for selling, recording or automatically compiling of pari-mutuel bets;
(2)  a display board placed so that letters and figures appearing on it may be easily read from the grandstand;
(3)  a photo finish system. The system shall make it possible to photograph under the same angle, at the finish line, each horse participating in a race so that it is possible to determine its position in the race, the time it took to cover the distance of the race and the distance between it and the other horses;
(4)  a public address system installed so as to allow the public and participants to be informed of the progress and the result of the race as well as any other information required by the Rules respecting Standardbred horse races held at a professional race track (chapter C-72.1, r. 4);
(5)  a communications system planned so as to allow the racing judges to communicate with:
(a)  the paddock judge;
(b)  the starting judge;
(c)  the veterinarian of the board;
(d)  the officials of the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food of Canada;
(e)  the person in charge of the pari-mutuel system;
(f)  the display board operator;
(g)  the official at the photo finish service;
(h)  the chief test inspector;
(i)  the official announcer;
(j)  the officials responsible for the video recording of the races;
(6)  a video race recording device equipped with 3 separate points of recording, 1 at the finish line, and the 2 others facing respectively each straight section of the racing strip;
(7)  an electronic timing device;
(8)  a starting gate installed on a motor vehicle that shall be equipped with a 2-way communications system enabling communication with the racing judges’ stand, a loudspeaker system used solely to give instructions to drivers, a flashing light and a sounding device used only to notify the drivers that the start of a race must be recalled;
(9)  an emergency vehicle for persons and horses;
(10)  a local and qualified personnel to administer first aid.
Decision 84-10-01, s. 16; Decision 2012-02-15, s. 5.