C-72.1, r. 1 - Rules respecting certification

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15. A person wishing to obtain a racing licence shall furnish the following information and documents in particular:
(1)  a copy of the title authorizing the enjoyment of the race track where the race calendar will be held;
(2)  a copy of its constituting act in the case of a legal person;
(3)  the name and address of the bank where the transactions respecting payment of purses will be made and the trust account number used for such purpose;
(4)  a copy of the agreement entered into between the applicant and the legal person representing groups involved in racing;
(5)  the name, address, birth date and social security number of every partner, director, officer and shareholder holding or controlling a certain number of shares giving him 10% or more of the voting rights in the legal person;
(6)  a technical description of the communications system referred to in paragraph 5 of section 16 or in paragraph 4 of section 17;
(7)  the list of all equipment and devices for which registration is required by the Act and the Regulation respecting Standardbred horse racing (chapter C-72.1, r. 2), indicating, for every one, the trade mark, the model number and the serial number;
(8)  the schedule provided for every race calendar held during the period of the licence, indicating:
(a)  the days and dates of every race program;
(b)  the number of races provided for every race program;
(c)  the post time of the first race of a race program with pari-mutuel betting;
(d)  the time and the day of every qualifying race;
(e)  the day off;
(9)  the list of every member of its staff, indicating for every one, the position held, the number and type of licence individually held;
(10)  a copy of the track rules;
(11)  a copy of all the forms or documents used for the organization of racing, in particular:
(a)  the declaration form for a regular or special race;
(b)  the stall application form;
(c)  a specimen of a pass for the holder of a licence.
Decision 84-10-01, s. 15; Decision 2012-02-15, s. 4.