C-72.1, r. 1 - Rules respecting certification

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13. A licence of a professional race track provided for in the Regulation respecting Standardbred horse racing (chapter C-72.1, r. 2) is issued if the race track is equipped with:
(1)  a racing strip:
(a)  with an approximate length, measured at 90 cm from the inside hub rail, and a minimal width, at its narrowest point, of 5,280 ft by 24.3 m, 4,620 ft by 21.6 m, 3,300 ft by 18.3 m or 2,640 ft by 14.6 m, as certified by a land-surveyor;
(b)  with, all around the inside part, flexible posts or a hub rail whose flat surface perpendicular to the ground shall have a minimum width of 30 cm and its bottom part shall be situated between 30 cm and 60 cm from the ground;
(c)  with a hard-packed surface or with another material approved by the board;
(d)  surrounded on the outside part with a fence of a minimum height of 150 cm and having gates to allow access;
(e)  with a starting line drawn on the inside of the hub rail at least 200 ft from the beginning of the first turn;
(2)  a paddock giving access directly to the racing strip. The paddock shall be surrounded by a fence built high enough to prevent a person from crossing over and having gates to allow and control the access. The paddock should have a building large enough to contain:
(a)  individual stalls in sufficient number to allow trainers to bring their horses in the paddock 2 hours before the start of their race;
(b)  a local for the paddock judge and the equipment judge;
(c)  a local for the veterinarian of the board;
(d)  stalls and a retention area to take an official sample of urine pursuant to the Pari-Mutuel Betting Supervision Regulations (SOR/91-365);
(3)  a covered racing judges’ stand. The stand shall be situated so that the finish line crosses its middle point. The stand shall have in the inside an area of at least 10 m2 and its frontage shall measure at least 4 m. It shall be equipped with adequate hygienic facilities. The stand shall be situated near the outside of the racing strip, placed and elevated as to allow a full and complete view on all points of the racing strip;
(4)  a lighting system producing an intensity not less than 325 lx over the full length of the professional race track, if races are held in the evening.
The same system or an additional system must produce an intensity not less than 2,700 lx across the complete width of the racing strip at the finish line.
All the measures of intensity must be taken at a point situated in the centre of the inside hub rail and 3.7 m from the inside hub rail except at the finish line where the intensity must be uniform on the full width of the racing strip;
(5)  a local for the animal health technician and locals for the racing office. Inside the racing office or nearby, a local of a surface not less than 45 m2 and of easy access shall be available for the offices of the board;
(6)  (paragraph revoked).
Decision 84-10-01, s. 13; Decision 84-11-09, s. 1; Decision 99-05-27, s. 1; Decision 2012-02-15, s. 2.