C-26, r. 7.1 - Regulation respecting the recruitment and selection procedure for disciplinary council chairs of professional orders

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4. A person wishing to submit his or her candidacy for the position of disciplinary council chair must, not later than the date indicated in the notice of recruitment, send to the address indicated therein the registration form provided in Schedule A duly completed, as well as proof that the person is entered on the roll of the Order of Advocates.
In addition, the candidate must
(1)  consent to verifications to be made concerning the candidate
(a)  with any disciplinary body, any professional order, police authorities and credit agencies;
(b)  with the candidate’s employers or partners of the last 10 years;
(2)  undertake to preserve the confidentiality of the filing of the candidate’s candidacy and that of any decision made in respect of the candidacy; and
(3)  undertake not to exert directly or indirectly any influence on his or her appointment to the position.
Paper documents sent by mail are presumed received by the selection committee on the date of mailing. Technology-based documents are presumed received by the selection committee when they become accessible at the address of the committee, as provided for in section 31 of the Act to establish a legal framework for information technology (chapter C-1.1).
O.C. 76-2014, s. 4.