C-26, r. 7.1 - Regulation respecting the recruitment and selection procedure for disciplinary council chairs of professional orders

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19. As soon as the Associate Secretary General for Senior Positions of the Ministère du Conseil exécutif is notified of a vacant position, the Associate Secretary General forwards a copy of the updated list of persons declared qualified to the Minister.
If the Minister is of the opinion that he cannot, considering the list of persons qualified to be appointed as disciplinary council chairs and in the interests of, and to best carry out the duties of the Bureau, recommend an appointment, the Minister then asks the Associate Secretary General to have a notice of recruitment published, in accordance with Division II.
The committee in charge of evaluating the aptitude of the persons whose candidacy is submitted following another notice of recruitment may be composed of persons previously designated to sit on a preceding committee.
O.C. 76-2014, s. 19.