C-26, r. 258 - Code of ethics of professional technologists

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80. Professional technologists who advertise fees, rebates or prices must
(1)  specify the nature and extent of the services covered by the fees, rebates or prices and the characteristics of the goods offered, except if all the goods are included;
(2)  indicate whether disbursements are included in the fees, rebates or prices;
(3)  indicate whether additional goods or professional services not included in the fees or prices might be required, where applicable; and
(4)  mention the total cost of the goods or professional services when the advertisement refers to the possibility of instalments.
Unless indicated otherwise in the advertisement, the fees, rebates or prices must remain in effect for a minimum of 90 days after the last broadcast or publication. In the case of a rebate, professional technologists must specify the validity period in the advertisement.
Professional technologists may, however, agree with the client on a price lower than the price broadcast or published.
O.C. 110-2006, s. 80.