C-26, r. 163 - Regulation respecting the professional activities that may be engaged in by respiratory therapy externs

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3. A respiratory therapy extern may engage in the following activities, in a general and specialized hospital centre or in a residential and long-term care centre operated by an institution referred to in paragraph 3 of section 2, if the health status of the patient is not critical and on condition that the extern does so according to an individual medical prescription and under the supervision of a respiratory therapist who is present at the institution:
(1)  setting up and monitoring equipment used to administer oxygen, namely, nasal cannulas, masks, tents, face tents, and nebulizers;
(2)  administering aerosol therapy without positive pressure; and
(3)  setting up and monitoring special equipment to humidify inhaled air.
When engaging in those activities, an extern must comply with the rules governing respiratory therapists, in particular the rules relating to ethics and the generally accepted standards of practice of the profession of respiratory therapist.
An extern shall not engage in those activities in the following care units: intensive care, including the coronary unit; the operating suite; the recovery room; the emergency department; the neonatalogy unit; and the pulmonary function department.
O.C. 771-2004, s. 3.