C-26, r. 155 - Regulation respecting the committee on training of nursing assistants

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3. The Committee shall be composed of 5 members chosen for their knowledge and the responsibilities they have exercised in respect of the matters referred to in section 2.
The Fédération des commissions scolaires du Québec and the Québec English School Boards Association shall appoint 1 member each to the Committee.
The Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports or his representative, the Deputy Minister or the Assistant Deputy Minister for Professional and Technical Training, shall appoint 1 member to the Committee and, if necessary, 1 alternate.
The board of directors shall appoint 2 members of the Order to the Committee, and the Committee shall select 1 of those 2 members as its chair.
The Committee may also authorize concerned persons or representatives of concerned organizations to participate in its meetings.
O.C. 1037-97, s. 3.