C-26, r. 140 - Code of ethics of members of the Ordre des hygiénistes dentaires du Québec

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60. Where a dental hygienist states his professional fees in an advertisement, he shall do so in a manner that is understandable to persons having no special knowledge of dentistry, and he shall
(1)  set fixed prices;
(2)  specify the nature and extent of the services included in the prices;
(3)  indicate whether the expenses and other charges are included in the prices; and
(4)  indicate whether additional services might be required, for which an additional amount might be charged.
Any such price shall remain in effect for a minimum period of 90 days after it is last broadcast or published. However, a dental hygienist may agree with a client on a price lower than the price broadcast or published.
O.C. 686-97, s. 60.