C-26, r. 140 - Code of ethics of members of the Ordre des hygiénistes dentaires du Québec

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48. In addition to those mentioned in sections 57, 58, 59.1 and 59.2 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26), the following acts are derogatory to the honour or dignity of the profession:
(1)  urging a person in an insistent or repetitive manner to use his professional services;
(2)  communicating with the complainant without the prior written permission of the syndic or his assistant, when the member is informed that an inquiry into his professional conduct or competence is being made or when a complaint has been served on him;
(3)  failing to notify the Order that there is reason to believe that another dental hygienist is incompetent or has violated the professional code of ethics;
(4)  requiring, accepting or offering any benefit by using his professional title to advertise a commercial product for the purpose of promoting its sale;
(5)  consulting, collaborating or coming to an agreement with a person who he suspects does not have the appropriate scientific knowledge required to treat the client;
(6)  voluntarily and without sufficient reason abandoning a client requiring supervision while he is in the course of treatment;
(7)  refusing, without good reason, to provide care;
(8)  claiming fees for professional acts which have not been performed or are falsely described;
(9)  issuing a receipt or other document falsely showing that services have been rendered;
(10)  billing a client for all or part of a professional service when its cost is assumed by a third party;
(11)  entering false information in the record of a client or adding notes under the signature of another person;
(12)  altering notes previously entered in the record of a client or replacing any part thereof with intent to falsify them;
(13)  failing to display his name in his place of work, followed by the title “Dental Hygienist” or, if that is not feasible, failing to wear a name tag showing his name followed by the title “Dental Hygienist”;
(14)  failing to report to the Order any person who uses the title of dental hygienist without being entered on the roll of the Order or any candidate who does not meet the conditions for admission to the Order; or
(15)  practising his profession while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, hallucinogens, narcotic or anaesthetic preparations, or any other substance which may cause intoxication, impaired or disturbed faculties, or unconsciousness.
O.C. 686-97, s. 48.