C-26, r. 140 - Code of ethics of members of the Ordre des hygiénistes dentaires du Québec

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24. A dental hygienist is in a conflict of interest in the following cases, in particular:
(1)  the interests in question are such that he might tend to favour certain of them over those of his client or that his judgment and loyalty towards the latter might be unfavourably affected;
(2)  he derives a direct or indirect, real or potential, personal benefit, in his capacity as advisor for a given act;
(3)  he shares his fees with another person and such sharing does not correspond to the apportionment of services provided and responsibilities imparted; or
(4)  except for the remuneration to which he is entitled, he pays or offers or undertakes to pay any benefit, rebate or commission in connection with the practice of his profession.
O.C. 686-97, s. 24.