C-26, r. 14.1 - Code of ethics of chartered administrators

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25. Unless they have a serious reason for doing so, chartered administrators may not cease or refuse to act for the account of a client.
The following, in particular, constitute serious reasons:
(1)  loss of trust between the chartered administrator and the client;
(2)  the client’s failure to cooperate;
(3)  inducement by the client to perform illegal, unfair or fraudulent acts;
(4)  the fact that the chartered administrator is in a situation of conflict of interest or in a situation such that the chartered administrator’s professional independence could be questioned;
(5)  where the chartered administrator has reasonable grounds to believe that he or she is assisting or may assist in the commission of an illegal or fraudulent act;
(6)  refusal by the client to respect an obligation for the fees and expenses or, after being given reasonable notice, to pay an amount to the chartered administrator to cover such fees and expenses;
(7)  the fact that the foreseeable consequences of the work, interventions or research required for the client are not in the interest of the public.
O.C. 45-2014, s. 25.