C-25.01, r. 6 - Rules of practice of the Superior Court of Québec in family matters

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9. Preparation of record:
(1)  Upon receipt of the notice of appeal, unless the Court orders otherwise upon motion by the appellant, the Clerk of the Court of Québec shall take all necessary steps to obtain as soon as possible a complete transcript of the proceedings. Such transcript shall include the evidence adduced and the decisions rendered both during the hearing and at the time of the final decision and, where applicable, the order.
(2)  As soon as the transcript is completed, the Clerk of the Court of Québec shall send the original to the Office of the Court with copies to the parties or their attorneys. Where it appears impossible to obtain a complete transcript, he shall advise the Clerk of the Court and the parties, giving reasons.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. C-25, r. 9, Rule 9; Decision 98-10-16, s. 2; Decision 2000-06-17, s. 2.