C-24.2, r. 35 - Regulation respecting special permits

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3.1. To obtain a special permit, an applicant must furnish the following information:
(1)  his or its name, where applicable, the name used to conduct his or its activity, his first name in the case of a natural person and, where applicable, the identification number issued by the Société;
(2)  his or its address, whether the address of the principal residence in the case of a natural person or the address of the establishment in the case of a legal person;
(3)  the number of the trucking permit or licence in the case of a transport for remuneration or a statement to the effect that the applicant owns the load in the case of a transport on his or its own account, except in the case of a crane or in the case of a Class 2 or Class 4 permit;
(4)  the category and class of the permit applied for;
(5)  his or its specific needs, if any, respecting the date of coming into force and duration of the permit;
(6)  the number of the previous special permit, where applicable;
(7)  the make and model of the outsized vehicle in the case of special mobile equipment, a crane, a semi-trailer equipped with more than 4 axles or a trailer equipped with more than 4 axles;
(8)  the name of the broker, if any, and the identification number issued to him by the Société, where applicable;
(9)  a statement that the load and equipment cannot be arranged or divided in such a way so that the road vehicle or combination of road vehicles complies with the standards established by the Vehicle Load and Size Limits Regulation (chapter C-24.2, r. 31), except if the application is for a Class 4 permit.
O.C. 1605-93, s. 5.