C-24.2, r. 32 - Regulation respecting safety standards for road vehicles

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201. The maintenance sheets shall contain the following information:
(1)  the identification number of the heavy vehicle, the number of the licence plate or the unit number appearing on the registration certificate;
(2)  the number of kilometres indicated by the odometer;
(3)  the date of the service;
(4)  a list of all the components to be checked at each service according to the road vehicle category in accordance with Division III of Chapter II and a space beside each item on the list to enter whether the component complies or not;
(5)  the required repairs, if any; and
(6)  for heavy vehicles whose gross vehicle weight rating is 7,258 kg or more, the brake lining or camshaft rotation measurements where it is impossible to measure the linings if the measurements are not provided on another document.
O.C. 1483-98, s. 201; O.C. 623-99, s. 16.