C-24.2, r. 32 - Regulation respecting safety standards for road vehicles

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197.0.7. The report of specific inspection for a motor coach made under section 197.0.6. shall contain
(1)  the number of the vehicle’s registration plate or the unit number appearing on the registration certificate;
(2)  the operator’s name;
(3)  the date of the inspection;
(4)  the place where it was conducted;
(5)  the odometer reading;
(6)  the readings of the brake adjusters;
(7)  the defects observed during the inspection;
(8)  the nature of any repair made following the inspection;
(9)  a statement that the vehicle identified in the report was inspected in accordance with the applicable requirements;
(10)  the name in legible block letters of the person who made the inspection and that person’s signature.
370-2016O.C. 370-2016, s. 96.