C-24.2, r. 32 - Regulation respecting safety standards for road vehicles

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193. The circle check done under this Division is limited to a visual or audio check-up, as the case may be, of the accessible items.
O.C. 1483-98, s. 193; O.C. 623-99, s. 9; 370-2016O.C. 370-2016, s. 95.
193. Every driver of a heavy vehicle shall inspect the vehicle immediately before the first departure of his shift.
Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, where the driver uses the vehicle’s sleeper berth within the meaning of section 2 of the Regulation respecting the hours of driving and rest of heavy vehicle drivers (chapter C-24.2, r. 28), in order to divide his shift into intermittent periods, the inspection of the vehicle shall be made in the 24 hours preceding any departure.
Where the vehicle is a bus, a minibus, a tow truck or an emergency vehicle, the driver shall make the inspection in the 24 hours preceding any departure or he shall examine the last inspection report and sign it on condition that the inspection was made within the previous 24 hours. Except for tow trucks and emergency vehicles, Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays are not computed in the 24-hour period, provided that the vehicle remains stationary on such days.
O.C. 1483-98, s. 193; O.C. 623-99, s. 9.