C-24.2, r. 32 - Regulation respecting safety standards for road vehicles

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134. The components of the fuel supply system, such as the tank, its supports and fasteners, fittings, collars, fasteners and flexible and rigid lines, shall comply with the following standards:
(1)  no leakage shall be present at any point along the fuel supply system;
(2)  the tank shall not leak, be cracked or insecurely mounted;
(3)  the tank fasteners and other fittings shall be present and securely fixed and not be cracked or broken;
(4)  the rigid or flexible lines and fittings shall be adequate and shall not be cut, crushed, pinched, so cracked that the cord is exposed, corroded or excessively worn; furthermore, the fasteners shall be adequate, at the places intended by the manufacturer and tight enough to prevent the hoses from vibrating or chafing against adjacent parts; and
(5)  the fuel tank shall be fitted with a hermetic filler cap to prevent any spill.
O.C. 1483-98, s. 134.