C-24.2, r. 32 - Regulation respecting safety standards for road vehicles

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List 4 – Motor Coach (inspection every 30 days or 12,000 km)
Application :
This list applies to a motor coach.
Note :
 • All the defects described in this list constitute major defects that must be repaired before the vehicle may be used again.
 • Inspections under list 4 must be made while the vehicle is placed above a pit or elevated to facilitate inspection.
1.Frame and cargo body
 1.AStructural members missing, insecure, cracked, broken, bent or inadequate
 2.ASteering or self-steering axle component missing, damaged, insecure or inadequate
 2.BFluid leak other than a slight oozing
 3.AInadequate air pressure
 3.BTire groove that reached the wear limit
 3.CTire tread or sidewall damaged or foreign material that could cause a puncture stuck in the tread or in the sidewall
 3.DTire tread recapped mounted on the active steering axle
4.Emergency exits, seatbelts and seats
 4.ARoof emergency exit fails to open adequately
 4.BEmergency window fails to open and close without difficulty or warning light or buzzer is inadequate
 4.CSeatbelt is missing, damaged, modified, insecure or inadequate
 4.DSeat or bench seat not securely attached
5.Wheels and fasteners
 5.AFastener missing, insecure, cracked, broken, damaged, repaired with welds or inadequate
 5.BWheel damaged, cracked, broken, repaired or welded
 5.CWheel bearing makes abnormal noise, shows wear signs and leakage of the lubricant other than oozing or lubricant is below the minimum level
 6.ASuspension component missing, insecure, deteriorated or inadequate or air leak in lines and system components
 6.BComponent for mounting the axle or positioning the axle or wheel that is missing, cracked, broken, insecure, displaced, bent or repaired with welds
 6.CAxle cracked, warped, repaired with welds, misaligned or not perpendicular to the vehicle's lengthwise axis
 6.DLines or fittings insecure, damaged or inadequate
 6.EBall insecurely mounted on the structure, shows repair or so damaged that the cord is exposed
 6.FShock absorber or bracket missing, inadequate, insecure, cracked or broken
 6.GShock absorbers leaking in a way that hampers their performance
7.Fuel system
 7.AFuel leak
 7.BFuel tank cracked or fuel tank fixing component missing, insecure, cracked, broken or inadequate
 7.CLines or fittings insecure, damaged or inadequate
8.Exhaust system
 8.AExhaust system component insecure or leaking
9.Pneumatic brake system
 9.AAudible air leak
 9.BPushrod stroke exceeds the adjustment limit or the variation in the travel of the actuating rods on a single axle exceeds 6.4 mm
 9.CBrake linings poorly adjusted
 9.DAir compressor insecure or whose pulley is cracked or broken
 9.EBelt of air compressor is cut or whose tension is inadequate
 9.FLines or fittings insecure, damaged or inadequate
 9.GAir reservoir insecure, damaged or inadequate
 9.HDrain tap missing or inadequate
 9.IService, parking or emergency brake not operating properly
Specific inspections required by the operator
370-2016O.C. 370-2016, s. 109.