C-24.2, r. 0.3 - Ministerial Order concerning use on public highways of flooded road vehicles

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3. For the purposes of this Order,
(1)  “flooded road vehicle” means a road vehicle that has been impregnated with water or another liquid as a result of a flood, an accident, rain, a sewer overflow, or any other sinister;
(2)  “major component of the electrical system of a vehicle” means
(a)  a fuse panel or breaker panel;
(b)  an electronic component of the occupant supplemental restraint system;
(c)  an electronic component of the compartment’s heating, air conditioning or ventilation system;
(d)  an electronic component of the defogging or defrosting system;
(e)  an electronic component that controls an element of the drivetrain system;
(f)  an electronic component of the self-diagnostic system;
(g)  an electronic component of the braking, acceleration or steering system or of any other system affecting the drivability of the vehicle, its stability or safety; or
(h)  electrical wiring with unsealed connections inside the passenger compartment.
M.O. 2013-10, s. 3.