C-24.2, r. 0.3 - Ministerial Order concerning use on public highways of flooded road vehicles

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2. The prohibition provided for in section 1 does not apply to vehicles referred to in subparagraph 2 of the first paragraph of that section where the following conditions are met:
(1)  the vehicle does not come from outside Québec;
(2)  the vehicle was flooded by unsalted water;
(3)  only major components of the vehicle’s electrical system located outside the passenger compartment were damaged;
(4)  the damage to the vehicle is covered by an insurance contract or the owner of the vehicle is a person exempt under section 101 of the Automobile Insurance Act (chapter A-25) or a regulation made under that Act from the obligation to hold the insurance contract provided for therein;
(5)  the repair of the vehicle eliminated any risk related to the flooding and, for that purpose,
(a)  the damaged major components have been replaced by new genuine components and the insurer or the person referred to in paragraph 4 has implemented control mechanism to make sure that that is the case;
(b)  the vehicle has been repaired by a person whose expertise and knowledge have been deemed sufficient by the insurer or the person referred to in paragraph 4 for the repair to be carried out according to the rules of the trade.
M.O. 2013-10, s. 2.