B-1.1, r. 3 - Safety Code

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In force: 2019-11-15
74.2. The owner of an installation independent of a building and intended to store or distribute either propane of more than 5,000 US gal (18,927 litres) in fixed water capacity, or natural gas of 4.5 metric tons or more in total capacity, must obtain a risk assessment report based on CAN/CSA-ISO Standard 31000, Risk management - Principles and guidelines, published by the CSA Group and confirming that the installation is safe in order to obtain an operation permit for that installation.
The report must be drawn up by an engineer within the meaning of the Professional Code (chapter C-26) qualified to do so, who affixes his or her seal, signature and business particulars and must contain the following information and relevant documents:
(1)  the context of the installation and its surroundings;
(2)  risk assessment, that is, the full process of risk identification, risk analysis and risk evaluation;
(3)  risk treatment and, where applicable, the reduction of risk by the recommendation of additional safety measures and a reevaluation of the residual risk;
(4)  the total limit capacity set by the engineer that cannot be exceeded by the owner.
For the purposes of section 74.2, where an owner has more than 1 existing installation concerned, the risk assessment reports do not all have to be obtained by 15 November 2019. However, at least 1 installation per year must have been the subject of such a report and all the owner’s installations must have been the subject of a report not later than 15 November 2023.
992-2018O.C. 992-2018, s. 1.