B-1.1, r. 3 - Safety Code

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384. A verification report certifying façade safety must contain the following information or documents:
(1)  the name, signature and business address of the engineer or architect;
(2)  a description of the mandate, the documentary review, the observation methods applied and the scope of the verification;
(3)  the address of the building;
(4)  the dates of the inspection work;
(5)  the location and a description of any defects and their causes that may contribute to the development of a dangerous condition, such as water infiltration, rust spots, efflorescence, flaking, cracks, deformation, bulging or movement affecting the sheathing materials, or attachment problems affecting an element fixed to a façade, such as an antenna, canopy, sign or mast;
(6)  a description of the corrective work required to ensure that the building façades are safe, and the schedule recommended for its implementation;
(7)  a summary of the report confirming that the building façades are not in a dangerous condition and, where applicable, that recommendations have been submitted to the owner concerning ways to correct the defects observed that may contribute to the development of a dangerous condition;
(8)  appendices containing photographs, drawings and any other relevant information obtained during the verification, to complete the report.
O.C. 1263-2012, s. 1.