B-1.1, r. 3 - Safety Code

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22. A ground fault circuit interrupter shall protect
(1)  electrical equipment immersed in a swimming pool;
(2)  audio-amplifiers connected to speakers immersed in a swimming pool;
(3)  electrical equipment located within 3 m of the inside walls of a swimming pool and not separated from the pool by a wall, partition or fence;
(4)  therapeutic pools and hydromassage bathtubs;
(5)  receptacle outlets located in a bathroom and installed less than 3 m from the bathtub or shower unit. That requirement does not apply to a receptacle combined with an isolating transformer or to an outlet for a washing machine where it is located on the wall behind the machine no more than 600 mm above the floor.
O.C. 964-2002, s. 22.