B-1.1, r. 3 - Safety Code

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173. On a Class B site, a tank must have an automatic leak detection system.
For the purposes of the first paragraph, the following sites are Class B sites:
(1)  a site within 1,000 m measured horizontally from a water intake or from a well used for purposes other than those in subparagraph 1 of the fourth paragraph of section 168;
(2)  a site within 50 m measured horizontally from a watercourse, lake, pond or any other comparable body of water or from an area subject to a 20-year flood event as indicated on the land use planning and development plans or in an interim control by-law adopted under the Act respecting land use planning and development (chapter A-19.1); and
(3)  a site within 50 m but not more than 150 m measured horizontally from a subway station or tunnel, an underground public area or an underground parking garage.
O.C. 221-2007, s. 1.