B-1.1, r. 3 - Safety Code

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119.4. The owner applying for the approval of a quality control program or the renewal of such approval must provide the Board with the following information and documents:
(1)  a copy of the program, signed by the owner;
(2)  a description of the high-risk petroleum equipment covered by the program, and a list of permits for its use issued for such equipment;
(3)  the name of the person in charge of the program and of the person in charge of the verification of the conformity of petroleum equipment, the professional order membership number and the number of years of experience they acquired in activities related to the inspection, monitoring or design of petroleum equipment installations;
(4)  the determination of financial resources allocated to the program;
(5)  an undertaking to implement the program as soon as it is approved and to send to the Board each year the management report and the register of the inspections provided for in paragraph 2 of section 119.2.
Every application must include the fee payable under section 130.1 and an attestation that the information provided under the first paragraph of this section is true, and be signed by the owner.
Required information and documents previously provided to the Board need not be re-filed if the owner attests to their accuracy and completeness.
O.C. 1260-2012, s. 1.