B-1.1, r. 3 - Safety Code

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116. The inspection required for the certificate of conformity referred to in section 115 must be carried out within 12 months before the end of the period covered by the certificate.
The inspection period referred to in section 115 starts on the expiry date of the first permit issued at the address of the site where the high-risk petroleum equipment covered by the permit is situated. The inspection period for equipment existing before 1 April 2007 remains the same as the period applicable before that date.
If new high-risk petroleum equipment is erected at the address for which the owner holds a permit, the inspection period required for the equipment must be adjusted to coincide with the current period.
If high-risk petroleum equipment installed at the same address has different inspection periods, the shorter period takes precedence.
O.C. 221-2007, s. 1.