B-1.1, r. 2 - Construction Code

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2.02. This Chapter applies to construction work for a gas installation, including its surroundings.
It does not apply to an installation intended to use gas other than an installation used to produce energy, heat or light from a gas.
In addition, it does not apply to installations intended to
(1)  store or distribute gas by tank vehicle as long as the tank is not used as a storage tank at the point of use;
(2)  use gas to ensure the motive power of a vehicle;
(3)  use gas in a refinery, whatever its origin, as raw material for the petroleum refining process or a petrochemical plant;
(4)  store, in a refinery, gas resulting from the refining of petroleum;
(5)  store or use gas on boats;
(6)  use gas as a refrigerant;
(7)  store gas in underground natural formations or hollows in the ground; and
(8)  use or store on the premises gas collected from a landfill or gas from an anaerobic digester.
O.C. 875-2003, s. 1; 991-2018O.C. 991-2018, s. 1.
2.02. Subject to the exemptions provided for by regulation made by the Government under subparagraph 1 of the first paragraph of section 182 of the Building Act (chapter B-1.1) and to the amendments provided for in Division VII of this Chapter, the codes, standards and provisions of this Chapter apply to all building work for an installation intended to use, store or distribute gas to which the Act applies, including its surroundings, that is carried out from 2 December 2003.
O.C. 875-2003, s. 1.