B-1, r. 8 - Regulation respecting the issuance of special permits of the Barreau du Québec

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10. A member of a State bar located outside Canada who applies for a special corporate legal advisor permit must complete the prescribed form and send it to the executive committee together with the following documents:
(1)  a certificate of good standing issued by an authorized officer from that State bar attesting that the applicant is legally authorized to practise law outside Québec and stating that the applicant is not subject to a disbarment nor a suspension or a limitation of its right to practice law; and
(2)  a declaration setting forth all the functions he holds or intends to hold within an enterprise, other than a law partnership or a multidisciplinary joint-stock company, having its head office, a branch or a subsidiary in Québec; and
(3)  a declaration by the applicant that he undertakes to act, for the exclusive account of his employer or the employer’s subsidiaries, within the limits of the activities authorized by section 12.
O.C. 538-2008, s. 10.