B-1, r. 3.1 - Code of Professional Conduct of Lawyers

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78. A lawyer who occupies a public office must avoid placing himself in a situation of conflict between his personal interests and the obligations of his office. Thus, he must not, in particular:
(1)  take advantage of his office in order to obtain or attempt to obtain an advantage for himself or for any other person;
(2)  use his office to influence or attempt to influence a judge or a member of a tribunal in order that they may act in his favour or in favour of the firm within which he engages in his professional activities, another person in the firm or a client; or
(3)  accept an advantage from any person when he knows or should know that the advantage has been granted to him for the purpose of influencing his decision as the holder of a public office.
O.C. 129-2015, s. 78.