A-7.003, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the signing of certain deeds, documents and writings of the Agence du revenu du Québec

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34.2. (Revoked).
M.O. 2012-12-06, s. 20; 2016-10-12M.O. 2016-10-12, s. 20.
34.2. A financial management officer, a socioeconomic research and planning officer, a computer and administrative processes analyst or an administrative attaché who is governed by the collective labour agreement for professionals is authorized to sign any document in connection with
(1)  the obtaining of documents in order to take jurisdiction;
(2)  the notice of quality referred to in section 16 of the Unclaimed Property Act (chapter B-5.1);
(3)  the valuation and safekeeping of unclaimed property;
(4)  the sale of any movable property at auction;
(5)  the abandonment or destruction of any movable property in accordance with the procedures in force;
(6)  the redirection of mail or the termination of service by the postmaster; and
(7)  the rendering of accounts and the handing over of property of a value not in excess of $5,000 to persons entitled to it on termination of the administration of the Minister of Revenue.
M.O. 2012-12-06, s. 20.