A-5.02, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the application of the Funeral Operations Act

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In force: 2022-01-01
68. Embalming rooms must include
(1)  1 faucet supplied with hot and cold water, under pressure and in a quantity sufficient for the operations performed therein and for cleaning the room;
(2)  at least 1 floor drain for discharging waste water;
(3)  at least 1 embalming table that has a non-porous surface easy to wash and disinfect;
(4)  1 eyewash station; and
(5)  cabinets or chests for storing all the embalming material, instruments and products.
Where the room is equipped with a hydro-aspirator, the latter must have its own faucet.
1194-2018O.C. 1194-2018, s. 68.