A-5.01, r. 1 - Regulation respecting clinical activities related to assisted procreation

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7. A licence application made by a physician, a legal person, a partnership or an institution must also be accompanied by
(1)  the name under which the centre intends to carry on activities;
(2)  the name of the centre’s director;
(3)  the names of the physicians who will carry on assisted procreation activities in the centre, their specialty and their status as professionals subject to the application of an agreement or as non-participating professionals;
(4)  a description of how the centre is organized and a list of the various specialties of staff members involved in the centre’s clinical activities; and
(5)  the state of the accreditation and, where applicable, the assessment report provided by the accreditation body.
O.C. 644-2010, s. 7.