A-5.01, r. 1 - Regulation respecting clinical activities related to assisted procreation

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27. The annual report sent to the Minister by a centre for assisted procreation must contain and be accompanied, where applicable, by the following information and documents:
(1)  the name of the centre;
(2)  the state of the accreditation;
(3)  the number of patients, the type and number of treatments administered;
(4)  the distribution of treatments for each person and each of the centre’s clinical activities;
(5)  the number of multiple pregnancies and their type, in particular twins and triplets;
(6)  detail about the type, state and quantity of biological material transferred to a physician or another centre, including the name of the physician or centre, the person in charge and the purpose for which the material was transferred; and
(7)  the number of persons per sector of activity.
O.C. 644-2010, s. 27.