A-29.011, r. 4 - Regulation respecting certain transitional measures relating to the calculation of average insurable earnings and to the earnings threshold for the purposes of parental insurance

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2. A person who, for the purposes of the payment of the benefits provided for in the Act respecting parental insurance (chapter A-29.011), requests that the Minister determine the average of the person’s insurable earnings on the basis of the 14 weeks involving the highest amount of insurable earnings from employment, pursuant to the second paragraph of section 102 of the Act, must meet the conditions set out in the Employment Insurance Act (S. C. 1996, c. 23) or its regulations in order for that method of calculation of the rate of weekly benefits to apply.
The amount of the benefits established under sections 18 and 21 of the Act respecting parental insurance and the Regulation under the Act respecting parental insurance (chapter A-29.011, r. 2) is then increased by any amount necessary to enable the person to receive the equivalent of the aggregate amount of benefits to which the person would have been entitled under the Employment Insurance Act or its regulations.
O.C. 1103-2005, s. 2.