A-29.01, r. 4 - Regulation respecting the basic prescription drug insurance plan

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6.1. The rules pursuant to which the Board, in accordance with section 28.1 of the Act respecting prescription drug insurance (chapter A-29.01), shall fix annually the rate of adjustment of the maximum amount of the annual premium are as follows:
(1)  the amount of the annual premium shall be adjusted on 1 July, on the basis of the experience of the months of April to March of the preceding fiscal year, taking into account the increase in the costs of the plan to persons referred to in paragraph 4 of section 15 of the Act respecting prescription drug insurance;
(2)  the adjustment shall take into account, on the same basis, the anticipated cost of changes to coverage under the plan, particularly the cost of adding new medications to the List of medications;
(3)  the adjustment shall also take into account any other factor having a direct effect on the cost of the plan.
O.C. 1405-2000, s. 1; O.C. 620-2003, s. 2.