A-29, r. 7.2 - Regulation respecting the terms and conditions for the issuance of health insurance cards and the transmittal of statements of fees and claims

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8. Every health insurance card issued by the Board to an insured person must contain at least the following items:
(a)  the insured person’s health insurance number;
(b)  the insured person’s surname at birth and usual given name;
(c)  the spouse’s surname, if the insured person is a woman married in Québec before 2 April 1981, or married outside Québec, who legally exercises her civil rights under that name and wishes that name to appear on the health insurance card and if she makes the request in writing to the Board;
(d)  the insured person’s date of birth and sex;
(e)  the expiry date of the card;
(f)  the insured person’s photograph;
(g)  the insured person’s signature, using his surname at birth and usual first name.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the health insurance card shall not contain the insured person’s photograph and signature where the insured person is less than 14 years of age.
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