A-29, r. 3 - Regulation respecting insured visual aids and related services

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46. The Board shall reimburse to a recognized institution the purchase or replacement cost of an insured visual aid, component or supplement, or the cost of its insured repair, upon receipt of any relevant document concerning the person with a visual deficiency or of any document relevant to the visual aid loaned, to a visual aid that the person with a visual deficiency is already using or has in his possession, or to the service provided.
That document may be required from the recognized institution or from the person with a visual deficiency before the visual aid is loaned or at any other time.
A recognized institution shall, in addition, confirm to the Board in writing that the person is still pursuing recognized studies or still doing the paid work that warranted the loan of the visual aid where a leveling of the visual aid is required.
O.C. 1403-96, s. 46; O.C. 375-99, s. 27; O.C. 470-2011, s. 25.