A-29, r. 1 - Regulation respecting eligibility and registration of persons in respect of the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec

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26. An insured person shall notify the Board,
(1)  of change of address, change in civil status or, in the case of an insured person registered with the Board as a permanent resident, of the acquisition of his canadian citizenship, where applicable, or of correction or other change affecting the information or documents sent in support of an application for registration or for renewal of registration, within 30 days of the date of the change;
(2)  of his stays outside Québec that total 183 days or more per year, excluding stays of 21 consecutive days or less, of the dates of departure from and return to Québec and of the reasons for and places of the stays;
(2.1)  of any stay outside Québec for 22 consecutive days or more, if the insured person is a temporary resident of Québec;
(3)  of any departure from Québec to take up residence elsewhere, of the date of departure, of the place of destination and of the expected date of arrival at the destination.
An insured person who requests an identity correction or change shall indicate the information to be corrected on the required form and submit the original of one of the following documents in support of the request:
(1)  a copy of the act of birth;
(2)  a birth certificate;
(3)  the certificate of Canadian citizenship;
(4)  the certificate of change of name;
(5)  the certificate of change of designation of sex; or
(6)  the document issued by Canadian immigration authorities authorizing the insured person to be or to remain in Canada.
Any person on whom the insured person is dependent or to whom the care or custody of the insured person has been entrusted may also provide the abovementioned information to the Board. In such case, the person shall declare his capacity and name.
O.C. 1470-92, s. 26; O.C. 505-96, s. 11; O.C. 552-2001, s. 19.