A-25, r. 3 - Regulation respecting insurance contributions

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14. Where upon issue of a licence bearing one or more of classes 6A, 6B and 6C, the insurance contribution exigible is the amount obtained by adjusting, in accordance with section 45, the sum of contributions for the months, including parts of months, during which the holder is authorized to drive, except for the last month.
The insurance contribution for a month corresponds to the percentage, as determined below, of an amount equivalent to the annual insurance contribution set under section 12, before adjustment under section 45, on the basis of the year of licence issue and classes and of the total number of demerit points calculated according to the second paragraph of section 13:
(1)  January: 0.66%;
(2)  February: 0.67%;
(3)  March: 0.67%;
(4)  April: 8%;
(5)  May: 16%
(6)  June: 16%
(7)  July: 16%;
(8)  August: 16%;
(9)  September: 16%;
(10)  October: 8%;
(11)  November: 1%;
(12)  December: 1%.
Decision 2007-03-28, s. 14.