A-25, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the application of the Automobile Insurance Act

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9.1. In subparagraph 5 of the first paragraph of section 10 of the Act, enacted by paragraph 2 of section 174 of the Act to amend the Highway Safety Code and other provisions (2018, chapter 7),
motor assisted bicycle means a bicycle or a tricycle equipped with a motor;
motorized mobility aid means a wheelchair equipped with a motor, a 3-wheel scooter, a 4-wheel scooter or any other aid to locomotion equipped with a motor;
motorized personal mobility device means a skateboard, a scooter, a toy vehicle, a golf cart, a gyroscopic or self-balancing vehicle, or a unicycle, equipped with a motor.
947-2019O.C. 947-2019, s. 1.