A-25, r. 14 - Regulation respecting the reimbursement of certain expenses

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3. The expenses incurred that qualify for reimbursement to a victim referred to in section 2 are determined on the basis of the evaluation results, according to the following formula, up to the maximum amount prescribed in section 79 of the Act:
Total number of points × maximum amount prescribed in section 79 of the Act
A total of less than 11 points does not qualify for reimbursement.
Notwithstanding the evaluation results, a victim is entitled to a reimbursement of expenses incurred up to the maximum weekly amount prescribed in section 79 of the Act, where continual attendance is required to ensure appropriate intervention because assistance may be required at any time, in particular, where the victim’s behaviour could endanger his health and safety or that of anyone around him.
The maximum daily amount of reimbursement for which a victim may qualify is equal to one-seventh of the amount calculated on a weekly basis.
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