A-25, r. 12 - Regulation respecting indemnities payable under Title II of the Automobile Insurance Act

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39. The physician shall develop and take into account the following points with respect to the claimant:
(1)  case history, including:
(a)  summary of pertinent antecedents;
(b)  physical and mental disorders and their progression;
(c)  intercurrent disorders and diseases;
(d)  record of medication prescribed;
(2)  occupational history, including:
(a)  previous occupations and reasons for change;
(b)  actual or presumed occupation and abilities required in relation to the present condition of the victim, determined during the regular physical examination;
(3)  regular physical examination, including both the victim’s and the physician’s points of view, with special attention paid to the injury caused by the accident.
O.C. 1263-83, s. 39.