A-23, r. 11 - Regulation respecting standards of practice for staking and layout

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11. For any layout, a land surveyor shall, in particular,
(1)  make the required searches at the bureau de la publicité des droits on any active or passive servitude entered in the Land register, or other restrictions likely to restrict the erection or alteration of the structure;
(2)  make the required searches to on the structure’s position complying with municipal subdivision and zoning by-laws;
(3)  take all measurements and make all calculations necessary to determine the marks of occupation and situate them in relation to one another;
(4)  compare the geometry of the occupations with that of the ownership titles and of the cadastre and, when required, of the original survey;
(5)  compile the data to determine the position of the boundaries on the land and on the plan;
(6)  identify the layout, except in the cases provided for in section 14;
(7)  record the survey operations; and
(8)  issue the layout certificate.
O.C. 1057-2002, s. 11.