A-20.2, r. 1 - Commercial Aquaculture Regulation

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4. In addition to the conditions required by the Act respecting commercial aquaculture (chapter A-20.2), a person applying for a licence must submit with the application
(1)  a summary of the project for which the licence is applied for, containing the information in section 5;
(2)  a layout plan meeting the construction, layout and equipment standards set out in this Regulation and containing the information in section 6;
(3)  in the case of an application for a land-based aquaculture licence or a permanent or temporary fishing pond licence, a copy of the person’s title of ownership, lease or any other document granting or promising a right of occupancy, conditional on the issue of the licence;
(4)  a certificate from the municipality attesting that the project complies with municipal by-laws; and
(5)  the fees and charges payable under Chapter II.
O.C. 607-2008, s. 4.